3D Printing

Design Space Analysis

This project is aimed at practicing our Pro/E proficiency. We could build stuffs as our department (Industrial Engineering) mascot in Pro/E and  good works will be selected to be 3D printed. My teammate and I decided we’ll build a 3D model based on the existing mascot of our department. We decided to challenge ourselves to build it in parts and assembly them add some freedom to its joints.

We got inspiration from IKEA GESTALTA and explored projects in Autodesk 123D to study how present 3D details.

STL model

WebGL Error

Drag the image to change visual angle.

Scroll your mouse to zoom in and zoom out the camera.

3D Printed Model



– Learn by doing –

When we start the project, we merely have very basic skills of Pro/E. We can draw basic geometric body, like  cube and cylinder. We know the operations Pro/E can do, and we do not even necessarily know how to perform these functions step by step.

Under that condition, we decided, “We’ll start.” We learnt things by trying visible buttons, by google and… by good fortune.

– Challenge Yourself –

Rather than simple model using the function “stretch”, we chose to build model with curved surface, which requires us to elaborately draw a sequence of curves to build a single curved surface.

Also, we decided to model parts separately and assembly them to give freedom to mascot’s joints. When it was printed out, we could rotate their heads and legs to pose them differently. It has a lot of fun to play with them, we love our model!

Although, we challenged ourselves a lot, we succeeded to finish the project, and got selected to 3D-print them out. As the words goes, “You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them.”